Module 3: Principles for Accessible Education

Module 3 Overview

Building on the history and context we’ve just explored, this module offers principles for Accessible Education that will be practically applied in subsequent chapters. These principles are derived from the pedagogical conceptualization of “Constructive Alignment”, and the Disability Studies conceptualization of “Universal Design”.

Material has been organized into three components:

  1. Where do Accessible Education principles apply?
    • Continuing with our W5H approach, we will dive into the “Where” of Accessible Education: Where do Accessible Education principles apply?
  2. How can I advance Accessible Education?
    • This section will define the instructional concepts of:
      • Part 1: Constructive Alignment; and
      • Part 2: Universal Design.
    • We will then adapt them to derive FLEX Forward’s keywords for facilitating Accessible Education: Flexibility, Alignment, Variety, and Explicitness (FAVE).
  3. Moving Accessible Education Forward 
    • We will conclude by demonstrating the application of our FAVE four keywords to advance accessibility in teaching and learning.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Give a basic definition of Constructive Alignment and Universal Design;
  • Explain how enhanced Flexibility, Alignment, Variety, and Explicitness can contribute to the advancement of Accessible Education; and
  • Identify 2-3 ways in which greater Flexibility, Alignment, Variety, and/or Explicitness could be incorporated in your teaching context to mediate several barriers.

If you are already quite familiar with this contextual material and would like to advance to the next module, you may do so through this link.  Remember though, that in order to satisfy training requirements, you will need to successfully complete a cumulative quiz that will include content from this section.


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