Module 8: Conclusion

FLEX Forward Summary

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Thank you for reviewing the FLEX Forward resource. We hope that the time spent reflecting on Accessible Education principles and applying them to your teaching has been a productive learning experience.

Reviewing What We’ve Learned

To recap, key ideas from our W5H approach to Accessible Education are highlighted below:

WHO is being asked to facilitate Accessible Education? We’re all invited and responsible for facilitating Accessible Education!


Further information in Module 1

WHY am I being asked to facilitate Accessible Education? FLEX: Focusing on Learning and Eliminating (historical and current) eXclusion


Further information in Module 1

WHAT is Accessible Education? Anticipating and mediating social/environmental barriers to enhance access for all learners


Further information in Module 1

WHERE do Accessible Education principles apply? In all components of teaching


Further information in Module 3

WHEN can I apply Accessible Education principles? Throughout the life of the course: in advance, during, after


Further information in Module 4

HOW do I FLEX Forward to advance Accessible Education? FLEX “FourWords” (FAVE): Flexibility, Alignment, Variety, Explicitness


Further information in Modules 3-6

Moving Forward: Jumping In!

The single most helpful way to learn about integrating accessibility principles into your classroom is to just start experimenting in a thoughtful way.

We hope the ideas, resources, and reflection questions gathered here will support you as you gain experience applying an accessibility lens to your teaching and learning practices.

As Dr. Ann Fudge Schormans says, it’s now time for all of us to “Jump in!” and get going with advancing Accessible Education.

On the next and final pages, we review steps you can take right now and over the upcoming months to jump into Accessible Education within your own teaching roles and context.


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